Innovation in the Production of Tenebrio molitor Eggs

If you have ever explored the exciting world of insect breeding, you may have heard of Tenebrio molitor, better known as the mealworm. These tiny insects are gaining ground in the food and livestock industry, and their demand is constantly growing.

Protiberia is a leader in the breeding and production of these insects, and our innovative method is taking the production of eggs of Tenebrio molitor to a whole new level. What is the secret? At Protiberia we offer high quality colonies of eggs of Tenebrio molitor to insect breeding farms, eliminating the need to dedicate part of the process to the reproduction of these insects to maintain their colonies.

What is Tenebrio molitor and why is it so important?

Tenebrio molitor is an insect that belongs to the family of beetles. Its life cycle consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The larva is the one known as the mealworm, and it is the one that is mainly used for food and livestock purposes.

Tenebrio molitor has several advantages that make it a very valuable resource. Some of them are:

  • It is rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins, which makes it a very nutritious food for both humans and animals.
  • It has a high yield per unit area, as it can be bred in small spaces and with few resources.
  • It has a low environmental impact, as it consumes less water and emits less greenhouse gases than other sources of animal protein.
  • It has a high potential for the use of organic waste, as it can feed on agricultural and industrial by-products.”

How does Protiberia’s innovative method work?

The reproduction of these insects can be challenging and requires specialized knowledge. Protiberia has solved this problem by providing eggs of Tenebrio molitor to insect breeding farms. This means that the farms can focus on the fattening process, eliminating the complexity of breeding and reproducing the insects.

The eggs of Tenebrio molitor from Protiberia are of high quality and ready to hatch, which saves time and resources to the farms and ensures a continuous supply.

Protiberia’s innovative method is based on the following steps:

  1. We select the best breeding colonies of Tenebrio molitor, taking into account their genetics, health and productivity.
  2. We control the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light) and food (quality, quantity, frequency) to optimize the laying of eggs.
  3. We collect the eggs carefully and send them to the requesting farms, along with detailed instructions for their proper care.

Advantages of choosing Protiberia

By choosing Protiberia, insect breeding farms can enjoy several significant advantages:

  • Efficiency: by eliminating the need to breed and reproduce Tenebrio molitor, farms can focus on the fattening phase, which increases efficiency and production.
  • Quality: the eggs provided by Protiberia are of high quality, which translates into a robust and healthy population of Tenebrio molitor.
  • Sustainability: breeding Tenebrio molitor is a sustainable option and, by using Protiberia’s services, farms contribute to the production of more environmentally friendly food.
  • Technical Support: Protiberia not only provides high quality eggs, but also offers technical support and advice to farms, helping them optimize their production.

The future of insect breeding

Protiberia’s approach to the production of eggs of Tenebrio molitor is an example of how innovation is driving insect breeding towards a promising future. By facilitating and simplifying this process, Protiberia is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable and accessible insect breeding industry.

If you are interested in insect breeding or if you manage an insect farm, do not hesitate to contact us.

We join the change for a more sustainable and healthy production model! And you?

If you want to know more about Protiberia and our services, you can visit our website or follow us on our social networks. You can also leave us a comment or a question and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading us!

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