Our pets also combat climate change by consuming more sustainable pet food

alimentación de mascotas basados en insectos como el Tenebrio Molitor
The production of pet food is evolving towards more sustainable and nutritious forms. At Protiberia, we offer live larvae, dried larvae, and Tenebrio molitor flour to care for your pet and the planet.

More than a third of all human-produced greenhouse gas emissions are generated in food production, with the majority resulting from land use, agriculture, and livestock. This includes, for example:

  • Methane produced by cattle digestion.
  • Nitrous oxide from the use of fertilizers in crop production.
  • Carbon dioxide caused by deforestation for the expansion of farmland, to increase land available for animal farms, and to cultivate feed for them.
  • Emissions originating from the burning of crop residues and the use of fuels on farms.

These foods we produce are not only intended for human consumption but also for our pets, in the form of pet food, chews, or snacks.

How can we modify our diet and our pets’ nutrition to combat climate change?

We can contribute to the fight against climate change through recycling, followed by increased use of public transportation, and even changes in our diet, aimed at:

  • Consuming more plant-based proteins (legumes, nuts, and cereals), thereby reducing animal-origin foods (meat and dairy).
  • Ingesting alternative proteins, such as those from insects and lab-grown meat.

Therefore, the next step in combating climate change is to feed our pets with the same planet-conscious responsibility that motivates us to change our own dietary habits.

alimento para mascotas como perros, gatos, hamsters, conejos, guinea pigs, iguanas.

Products from Tenebrio molitor in your pets’ diet

When we talk about pets, the first things that come to mind are dogs and cats, but we also refer to many others: hamsters, iguanas, rabbits, and even spiders.

For all of them, Protiberia offers a range of suitable, healthy, and safe products derived from the breeding of mealworms. They do not contain pesticides or antibiotics and have been produced without causing suffering to our insects (cruelty-free):

  • Live Tenebrio larvae: They contain an excellent combination of proteins, lipids, and minerals, and meet strict standards of quality and insect welfare. Especially suitable for reptiles and arachnids, whose food should be live prey.
  • Whole and dried Tenebrio larvae: Our larvae are processed without suffering, constituting a product with high protein content and high palatability. Additionally, they are easily digestible. You can give them to your pet either as a staple food or as a treat—they love them!
  • Tenebrio flour: Protein-rich flour 100% naturally made from dried Tenebrio molitor larvae. Its high nutrient concentration, easy digestibility, and high palatability make it the ideal ingredient for pet food.
  • Tenebrio oil: Its rich concentration of unsaturated fats makes this an excellent supplement for optimal animal nutrition.
alimentación para mascotas con larvas de tenebio molitor. Protiberia

With any of our products, you will be able to feed your pet in a healthy and nutritious way, full of vitamins and minerals, offering the benefits of a natural and easily digestible protein, as well as lipids of high nutritional value.

All this while you take care of the planet!

So, what are you waiting for to feed your pet with healthy and environmentally friendly food?




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