Did you know that when fish and other animals reincorporate insects into their diet, you too eat healthier?

Feeding Tenebrio molitor to fish and livestock in our food chain not only improves the lives of the animals but also contributes to making that fish and meat healthier for humans.
Asian little girl and young woman feed the chicken in layer and house farm eggs. People kid woking outdoor stay home.

Did you know that Tenebrio molitor fertilizer protects plants from pests and disease?

The mealworm, in addition to being 100% organic and natural, favours the growth of crops. Because the Tenebrio molitor’s droppings (frass) have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it also protects the plants from pests and pathogens.
un campo de trigo en un pueblo de Albacete, cerca de la localidad de Protiberia

Protiberia is addressing the most pressing challenges of the food industry

The global population will increase by 20% in just 30 years

Need for protein for human consumption will increase by 50% to 280M tonnes

The demand for animal feed will double in just a few decades

Land and natural resources will be scarce with our current consumption habits

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We are committed to building a natural and sustainable way of feeding the world

Protiberia is revolutionising the food industry with a sustainable and healthy protein, capable of feeding growing human and animal populations.

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foto de toda la población del mundo como símbolo de nuestro objetivo es alimentar a toda la población mundial
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Tenebrio molitor

We follow best-practice methods for breeding Tenebrio molitor

Protiberia leads the market in developing the most innovative technology to produce the Tenebrio molitor worm in Spain, with applications in agriculture – as well as both human and animal nutrition – in a healthy, sustainable and scalable way.

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We work on a circular model of economy

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Driving innovation from rural Spain

We are a Spanish company run by women, reinvigorating a small town in Albacete. The unique impact we have on our local economy gives us confidence in our long-term, global vision: to transform the world of food with a sustainably-produced superfood (a nutrient-dense food with countless benefits).

We are committed to a circular model where we repurpose waste and by-products from local agri-food industries for production and research processes.

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What makes Protiberia different?

We produce protein in a sustainable way, without waste, and with an almost-zero carbon footprint
We generate jobs in rural Spain
We develop and scale our own technology
We collaborate with companies and institutions to transform the world
We reduce water consumption by 90%
We are Tenebrio molitor breeding pioneers in Spain
We use local products and crops
We use clean and renewable energy in our facilities
The mealworm consumes a 10% of land, feed and water than livestock

Tenebrio molitor: the present and the future of food

Consuming the Tenebrio molitor worm in the form of flour or other products will help solve the future protein scarcity.

It can even be part of the solution to reducing hunger in developing countries. Less space and resources are needed for its breeding and it’s non-polluting.

At Protiberia we solve big problems together with great partners

We collaborate with companies, institutions and universities like these
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