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Our activity is centred around the mealworm and modelled on a circular economy that benefits us all

We produce a protein that cares for our planet (while also caring for us)

Our main focus is on thoroughly researching the properties of the mealworm in order to use this protein as an alternative in various industries. Maximising the benefits of this sustainable activity will protect our planet while providing a healthy option for both human and animal consumption.

Modelo de economía circular de Protiberia
Circular economy concept.crystal globe with a circular economy icon around it.circular economy for future growth of business and design to reuse and renewable material resources.

Using an efficient circular model means zero waste and low emissions

Our circular economic model makes the most of all parts of the worm, even the frass (the mealworm’s excrement) which is a rich natural biofertilizer.

Our Tenebrio molitor breeding program uses optimised technology, meaning that we produce only the highest quality protein. The entire process takes place in our warehouses in Albacete, Spain, meaning that this additional protein source is 100% Spanish.

And always using local products and crops

We use local agricultural material, which means we are generating quality jobs in rural Spain, an area where jobs have historically been less economically impactful.

We reduce gas emissions and our consumption of space and water is very low, which makes the mealworm a sustainable alternative with a low ecological footprint.

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Protiberia exists for this reason: we want to make changes now to ensure that tomorrow’s world is better than today’s.

That’s why we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN: to be a part of the movement contributing to a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable society.

We advocate for animal welfare

We are firmly committed to respecting the conditions of the Tenebrio molitor throughout the research, breeding and transformation process to guarantee its well-being, and ensure that the properties that we extract from it are of excellent quality.

Our insects are extremely well cared for and receive enough water and food, as well as the right temperature, light, humidity, and ventilation both at the time of breeding and while in transport.

Our working method avoids any suffering on the part of the worm during any of its life-cycle phases.

If you want to invest in Protiberia, be our partner or collaborate with us in any way, let us know. We would love to include you!

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Protiberia is registered in the General Registry of Livestock Farms (REGA), ES020790000119 of Castilla La Mancha


  • Could the mealworm end world hunger?

    Perhaps not end it entirely, but the Tenebrio molitor definitely could contribute to a great reduction in the extent of world hunger. Because the extraction of the protein is straightforward and the mealworm can be easily distributed to developing countries, it provides an opportunity for many people to have access to a healthy protein.

  • Will we be able to feed 2 billion more people in 30 years?

    Protein-rich foods will be in short supply in an overpopulated world, so it is imperative to look for alternative sources now. At Protiberia we are committed to Tenebrio molitor, a sustainable superfood that contains proteins, vitamins and minerals.

  • Will there be enough arable land for everyone in 2050?

    No, the earth will be the same despite the increase in population. Different ways of producing food are needed without taking up additional space. The mealworm solves this problem since its breeding and transformation use very few resources.

  • Will our natural resources withstand the shock of producing 50% more protein?

    It will be difficult for nature to withstand an even greater consumption of water and energy. Nor will it be able to support an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. For this reason, at Protiberia we are committed to a sustainable and circular form of consumption.