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About Protiberia

We are a bioeconomy company that invests in R&D. Our focus is on developing innovative and sustainable technology and production processes based on the insect Tenebrio molitor. We aim to produce raw materials, such as high-quality proteins for human and animal feed and biofertilizers for agricultural use.


Our Story

Behind every project, there is a “why.”

Born from the collaboration of four partners who share core values and possess a wide range of expertise in business management, internationalization, research, and agri-food production, our team is 100% committed to creating a better world for future generations.

At Protiberia, we firmly believe that tomorrow is built today, and we are dedicated to leading the change toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. 

Join us on this journey toward sustainability!

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Our History


Study and selection of insects

2022 (Abril)

Licensing for start-up activity 

2022 (Julio)

Public Funding for Research

2022 (Diciembre)

First Prize VI Edicion Gira Mujeres de Coca Cola

2023 (Marzo)

Public funding for Technological Innovation

2023 (Julio)

Selected to participate in EWA at EIT Food

2023 (Septiembre)

Mujer Emprende Award 2023 at Mejor proyecto Agrotech

2023 (Octubre)

Public Funding for Experimental Research

2023 (Noviembre)

Start of hatchling colony production

2023 (Diciembre)

First Prize at Premios Expansion Start Up 2023 in the Agrifood category

2024 (Marzo)

Launching of the Lanzadera business accelerator program

Get to know the people
behind the project

We are a team of nonconformists who want to change things. It is up to us to make the world a little better every day.

Jose Luis González
Head of R&D
Ana González, CEO Manager General
Ana González
Manuel Pérez
Operations Director 

technological development

How can you collaborate with Protiberia?

At Protiberia, we are committed to advancing innovation, knowledge, and technological development. Therefore, we are open to collaborations with research centers, universities, and other private companies wishing to conduct projects related to our activity or raw materials.

Do you want to study a new pet food formulation based on Tenebrio meal?

Are you interested in testing the efficacy of frass on a crop?

Do you think insect chitin may have potential in the pharmaceutical industry?

If these questions intrigue you, contact us!

Our Values 

Technological Innovation

Nowadays, it is not enough to do the same things as always. At Protiberia, we research, collaborate with other entities, and develop our technology to achieve the best possible results.

Respect for the environment

Our guiding principle is to honor nature through a circular and sustainable model, where all resources are utilized without waste. The process and the resulting product from mealworm breeding are 100% natural.

 Social Commitment

We are dedicated to fostering local economies, creating jobs in rural regions of Spain, and advocating for inclusivity. Our mission is to leave the world in a better state than we found it.


We leave nothing of what we do to chance. Our processes are rigorously studied and verified, and comply with European and sanitary regulations.

We have our own buildings and facilities, and we research and develop the most efficient technology for breeding and transforming Tenebrio molitor in its different applications.

Want to visit Protiberia? Contact us here!""

Transform the world? YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

That’s why Protiberia exists!

We want to create change in the hopes that tomorrow’s world will be better than today’s.

That is why we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), presented by the UN, to achieve, among all of us, a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable society.

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